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Energy Storage Solution

Short Description:

◆ Max support 1GMWh energy storage project;
◆ Customize the solution according to customer requirements;
◆ Use LiFePO4 battery, high safety and high reliability;
◆ High energy density, long cycle life;
◆ Managed by battery management system;
◆ Managed by battery monitoring units;

Product Detail

Product Tags

◆ Lithium iron phosphate battery, high energy density, long cycle life;
◆ The battery system adopts standardized modular design, which can be flexibly expanded and convenient for system maintenance and repair.
◆ Good heat dissipation management system, battery life and reliability are guaranteed;
◆ The battery pack adopts the efficient connection technology to realize the high reliability, low impedance and high consistency of the battery module power connection.
◆ High strength structure design to ensure the safety of the battery system in long distance transportation and extreme conditions (such as earthquake);
◆ The self-developed battery equalization control system can effectively ensure the available capacity and service life of the energy storage system;
◆ The advanced battery and system monitoring software can realize the automatic operation of the energy storage system;
◆ Container energy storage system adopts electric cabinet double-row layout design (scheme to be determined), which is convenient for daily maintenance and management;
◆ Proprietary fire extinguishing system to be selected in the container;
◆ The container has an escape door and escape lock design.

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