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Future energy storage system integration will lead the entire energy storage industry!

How can companies get a head start?

Energy storage system integration (ESS) is the multi-dimensional integration of various energy storage components to form a system that can store electric energy and supply power. The components include converters, battery clusters, battery control cabinets, local controllers, temperature control systems and fire protection systems, etc.

The system integration industry chain includes upstream energy storage batteries, battery management system BMS, energy storage converter PCS and other parts; midstream energy storage system installation and operation; downstream new energy wind power plants, power grid systems, user-side charging piles, etc. Upstream supply fluctuations do not constitute a major impact, and system integrators mostly rely on downstream project needs to provide customized services. Compared with new energy sources, the requirements for upstream battery indicators at the system integration end are relatively low, so there is a large space for suppliers to choose from, and long-term binding with fixed upstream suppliers is rare.

Energy storage power station
is a long-term project, and the full effect cannot be seen in the short term, which also brings certain troubles to the industry. At present, good and bad entrants are mixed. Although there are many cross-border industrial giants such as photovoltaics and battery cells, as well as transformational companies and start-ups with strong technical backgrounds, there are still many companies that blindly follow market opportunities but are interested in energy storage. Those who lack awareness of system integration.

According to industry insiders, the integration of future energy storage systems should lead the entire energy storage industry. Only with comprehensive professional capabilities such as batteries, energy management and power systems can they achieve high efficiency, low cost, and high safety.

Post time: Dec-03-2022