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Photovoltaic + energy storage reduces household electricity consumption

Energy storage can improve the self-consumption level of household photovoltaics, smooth peak and valley power consumption fluctuations, and save family electricity costs.

Since photovoltaic power generation during the day does not fully match the application of household loads in terms of time (photovoltaic power generation during the day, the utilization hours are about 3-4 hours, while household users generally have a higher load in the afternoon or night), household energy storage is usually related to household load applications. With the use of photovoltaics, users can effectively increase the self-consumption rate of photovoltaic power generation through the conversion of peak and valley electric energy, greatly reduce electricity bills, and even achieve self-sufficiency in power demand during the day and night, avoiding the risk of rising electricity prices and losses caused by power supply shortages .

Figure: Photovoltaic + energy storage reduces household grid energy consumption


Post time: Feb-14-2023