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The energy storage industry will usher in vigorous development

From the perspective of the global energy storage market, the current energy storage market is mainly concentrated in three regions, the United States, China and Europe. The United States is the largest and fastest growing energy storage market in the world, and the United States, China and Europe account for about 80% of the global market share.

The end of the year is the peak season for photovoltaic installations. With the start of construction of photovoltaic power plants and the increase in demand for grid connection, it is expected that my country’s energy storage demand will also increase accordingly. At present, energy storage policies and projects have been implemented intensively. As of November, the domestic large-scale energy storage bidding scale has exceeded 36GWh, and grid connection is expected to be 10-12GWh.

Overseas, in the first half of the year, the newly installed capacity of energy storage in the United States was 2.13GW and 5.84Gwh. As of October, the US energy storage capacity reached 23GW. From a policy point of view, the ITC has been extended for ten years and for the first time clarified that independent energy storage will be given credits. Another active market for energy storage—Europe, electricity prices and natural gas prices rose again last week, and the electricity prices for new contracts signed by European citizens have increased significantly. It is reported that European household storage orders have been scheduled until next April.

Since the beginning of this year, “rising electricity prices” has become the most common keyword in related European news. In September, Europe began to control electricity prices, but the short-term decline in electricity prices will not change the trend of high household savings in Europe. Affected by the local cold air a few days ago, electricity prices in many European countries have risen to 350-400 euros/MWh. It is expected that there is still room for electricity prices to rise as the weather turns cold, and the energy shortage in Europe will continue.

At present, the terminal price in Europe is still at a high level. Since November, European residents have also signed a new year’s electricity price contract. The contracted electricity price will inevitably increase compared with last year’s price. volume will increase rapidly.

As the penetration rate of new energy increases, the demand for energy storage in the energy system will become higher and higher. The demand for energy storage is vast, and the industry will usher in vigorous development, and the future can be expected!

Post time: Dec-08-2022