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1.1KW Solar Battery AC Inverter

Short Description:

3.2V, low voltage design, safe and reliable.
Use LiFePO4 battery, high safety, long lifespan.
1. Cast aluminum case, safe,stable and durable.
2. Be able to work under about 70℃ high temperature.
3. Over 5000 times cycle time.
4. High-quality BYD battery cell.
5. With CE,Rohs,UL,UN38.3,MSDS certification.
6. Offer 1 years warranty.

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Solar inverter is a device that can convert direct current in a solar battery to alternating current. "Inversion" refers to the process of converting direct current to alternating current by changing the properties of the current. The working circuit of the solar inverter must be a full-bridge circuit. Through a series of filtering and modulation in the full-bridge circuit, the load and electrical properties of the current are changed to achieve the purpose expected by the user. This is the main job of the solar inverter.

The common solar power system in our life is mainly composed of four parts, namely solar panel, charge controller, solar inverter and battery. The solar panel is a device that provides direct current, which can convert solar energy into electrical energy; the charge controller is mainly responsible for controlling the converted energy; the solar inverter converts the direct current of the panel into alternating current for the storage of the battery, and the battery is mainly used to convert the energy. The alternating current is stored for use by people. It can be said that the solar inverter is the connecting device in the whole solar power generation system. If there is no inverter, AC power cannot be obtained.


Product Parameters



Rated Power


Peak Power


Input Voltage

12V DC

Output Voltage

220V AC±5%

Output Waveform

Pure Sine


1 year

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Product Feature and Advantage

The main features of solar inverters are centralized inverter and string inverter.
We can imagine that the scale of solar power generation systems is generally very large. If a solar panel corresponds to an inverter, it will cause a waste of resources, which is very impractical. Therefore, in actual production, the solar inverter is a centralized inversion of the direct current generated by all the panels and converts it into alternating current.
Therefore, the scale of the solar inverter is generally adapted to the scale of the panel. Therefore, a single solar inverter obviously cannot meet this requirement, which leads to another feature of the solar inverter, which is often used in strings.
But our advantage is:
1. Compact design, small size, quick start.
2. Integrated design, modular production, fool-proof installation.
3. Sine wave inverter output, high efficiency, low noise, no electromagnetic pollution.
4. With load adaptability and strong stability.
5. Integrated packaging leaves the factory, safe and convenient transportation


Function of the Solar Inverter

In fact, the function of the solar inverter is not only to be able to invert, it also has the following two very important functions.
First, the solar inverter can control the work and stop of the host. As we all know, the light of the sun is different at every moment of the day. The inverter can operate at different rates according to the intensity of sunlight, and it will automatically stop working at sunset or rainy weather. play a certain protective role.
Furthermore, it has the function of maximum power tracking control, which can automatically adjust its power through the induction of radiation intensity, so that the solar power generation system can operate normally.




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